Shibuya's new landmark,
where "just hanging out"
is the only goal.

The stores & food area occupies the 1st and 2nd floors.
A unique new landmark in Shibuya that has never been seen in Shibuya before. It is a space that makes simply strolling around fun.

A unique area where curious and sensitive customers who visit, work, and live in Shibuya can do things such as "stop by in between shopping for necessities in Shibuya", "simply wander around, encountering and discovering people and things that tell a story", "spend a pleasant time in the middle of Shibuya and feel invigorated", and "enjoy not just consumption but also the time spent shopping".


The serious atmosphere created by staff who love the stores and products they work with, and the united mood created by tenants who share their passion for each other.
The lineup of unique tenants, whose commitment and thoughts are not simply limited to only food, health, beauty, fashion, and other such industries, give shape to the high-quality daily lives of customers with a wealth of completion.

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