As a new landmark in the Shibuya area,
"dogenzaka-dori" will contribute to a sustainable society by introducing facilities
and systems that take into consideration the reduction of environmental impact in the city center,
such as the use of energy-saving facilities and greening.

1. Reduction of external thermal environmental load through greening

Through partial greening of the open terrace, rooftop, walls, and other areas, we are working to improve the surrounding environment by reducing CO₂ emissions, in addition to the energy-saving effects within the facility resulting from improved indoor thermal environment due to heat insulation and solar radiation shielding. In addition, the approach to the hotel entrance is also greened in order to provide a healing space as an urban oasis.

2. Facility planning that takes energy conservation into consideration

  • Adoption of top runner transformers for power receiving and transforming equipment.
  • Adoption of LED lighting.
  • Brightness sensors to control lighting in private areas.
  • Prevention of forgetting to turn off lights by interlocking lighting and HVAC security systems.
  • Effective use of water resources through water-saving fixtures.
  • High-efficiency air-cooled heat pumps.
  • Adoption of direct expansion type total heat exchanger.

3. Adoption of Low-E double-glazing glass

By using glass coated with a special metallic film (tin oxide or silver) called Low-E film on the glass surface, the Low-E film absorbs and reflects heat from the sun and heat from heating the room. The effect is to reduce heat in summer, increase heating efficiency in winter, reduce electricity consumption, and increase indoor comfort.

4. Conservation of water resources

A rainwater harvesting system has been installed, and water obtained from rainwater storage tanks and sewage treatment is used for flushing toilets and cleaning water after treatment as needed. In addition, waterless urinals have been installed in some toilets in order to conserve water used from the public water supply.