Welcome to dogenzaka-dori

dogenzaka-dori is a large complex consisting of three elements: Stores, Offices, and a Hotel.
A two-tiered shopping area for wandering around, offices with state-of-the-art facilities,
and the Hotel Indigo Tokyo Shibuya, a lifestyle boutique hotel that shines a colorful light on the city's culture.
It will be a new landmark in Shibuya, where all kinds of guests who live, work, visit,
and stay in Shibuya will gather and intersect.

new passage society

Pioneering a path through Dogenzaka.
The intersection of quality everyday life
and exciting extraordinary life.

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Site & Location

"dogenzaka-dori" is located approximately 400 meters from Shibuya Station, a five-minute walk along Bunkamura Street.
After passing through the hustle and bustle of the overcrowded commercial area around Shibuya Station,
the street passes through the middle of areas which have never intersected before, such as Shoto area,
Maruyamacho area, and Shibuya Center Street area, creating a new complex that combines commercial, hotel, and office spaces.
It has been reborn as a node of mixed culture where people from all walks of life come and go, creating a new culture.


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  • Jinnan Area.

    An area for adult shopping with select stores, etc.

  • Oku-Shibuya Area.

    Area with fine stores and dining.

  • Shoto Area.

    One of the most exclusive residential areas in Tokyo.

  • Maruyama-cho Area.

    Deep area with live music clubs and hotels.

Paths connecting the four areas

Multiple entrances and exits facing Bunkamura Street and Dogenzaka Koji connect
the four areas and create a new flow of people and activity by passing a path through the facility.

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Let's Walk!

Please find your own way of walking and spending time
in the "Street" space that has appeared in Shibuya's Dogenzaka.

After passing through
the multiple entrances

and exits facing Bunkamura
Street and Dogenzaka Koji...

While walking along the Dogenzaka path in Oku-Shibuya, a passageway appeared.
It looks like an open entrance with no door, inspired by the image of a cave, which is a hint of the way the terrain is carved out of the ground.
As you are led deeper into the building, you will find yourself in a space that is the new landmark of Shibuya, dogenzaka-dori.

Enjoy the facilities
to your heart's content.

  • ぶらぶら、ウィンドウショッピングをしてみようかなぁ~。

    After passing through the entrance, you will find a store and food area with a series of sophisticated stores.
    Please try wandering around without a goal in mind.
    Even if you are pressed for time and have no time for leisurely shopping, just by walking around in a circle may help you feel refreshed and discover people and things that have a story to tell.

  • お気に入りのお店にはほぼ毎日通ってるわ。

    There are many unique stores that are particular about food, health, beauty, fashion, and other industries.
    We recommend that you try to find a familiar store that you like in between wanderings.

  • クライアントとの商談や会食で利用できるし、オフィスが施設内にあるのも嬉しいなー。

    On the 3rd through 10th floors are state-of-the-art design offices that harmonize with the Shibuya area, where people seeking flexible work styles, as well as goods, and information are gathered.
    Located within dogenzaka-dori, the building is also available for shopping during breaks.

  • ミックスカルチャー渋谷のど真ん中に滞在できるなんて最高だな。

    Hotel Indigo Tokyo Shibuya, a lifestyle boutique hotel, is located on the 11th to 28th floors.
    While staying at the hotel, enjoy shopping on the 1st floor and go out to Shibuya at night...
    We invite you to experience the present day Shibuya in Tokyo.

  • ここに立ち寄ると、居心地が良くてほっと落ち着く、私のお気に入りの場所なの。

    Sit and rest on one of the facility's benches or rest areas, continue your work, or chat with friends...
    Take a pleasant break in an open space where the inside and outside blend together.

  • 施設内を通り抜けもできるから便利だな!

    Multiple entrances and exits allow you to pass through, making it possible to get to and from the surrounding area in the shortest possible distance.
    Why not make a side trip to dogenzaka-dori while passing through?

We hope you will find your own way
to explore
and enjoy dogenzaka-dori
and spend
your time as you wish.

Facility overview

Address 2-25-12 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Purpose Stores, restaurants, offices, hotels, parking lots, bicycle parking lots
Site Space 5,896m²
Total Floor Space 41,767m²
Structure Steel frame, partially reinforced concrete, steel framed reinforced concrete.​
No. of Floors 28 floors above ground, 1 basement level (Building Standard Law: 27 floors above ground, 2 basement levels)
11F-28F|Hotel (1F, 3F|Hotel Entrance)
Operator Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation
Dogenzaka Kabuto Building Ltd. (Yoko Kusakabe)
Saint-Etoile Corporation (Koichi Hoshino)
Business Openings​ August 24, 2023​